NZ’s first ever Virtual Reality Fashion Show

Say hi to our exciting immersive VR experience

Hey, you!

A hot new fashion show has just come to town, and you’re invited! Say hi to the LynnMall Non-Stop Fashion Show; New Zealand’s first ever 360° Virtual Reality fashion show!

Fancy being a front-row VIP? Take in the latest looks from our fashion retailers. Be inspired with new season men’s and women’s daywear, casualwear, activewear and nightwear clothing, footwear and accessories. Be immersed with the complete Virtual Reality experience – filmed here in NZ by a snazzy 360° camera we brought all the way over from the U.S.! Cool, eh?! And the best part? It’s FREE!

The LynnMall Non-Stop Fashion Show is running daily from 28 September – 15 October from 10.00am until 5.00pm on Saturdays – Wednesdays, and 10.00am – 8.00pm on Thursdays and Fridays.

The LynnMall Non-Stop Fashion Show can be found near the foodcourt, outside Glassons.


Terms and conditions and other “less exciting” information

We like you and want to give you the best possible VR experience, so we’ve put together a couple of guidelines for your safety and happiness. But we also rely on you to play along to ensure that you stay safe and have fun, as do our other customers. By participating, you agree to our terms of use (the full list of which are located at the Non-Stop Fashion Show). Virtual Reality is not suitable for everyone and if you have any doubts or concerns, please exercise good judgement, stop the experience, and go and have a window browse instead if you suffer from discomfort, eyestrain, visual abnormalities, a headache, impaired balance, disorientation or motion sickness. The experts tell us that VR might not be suitable for our lovely pregnant mums, people with high blood pressure, or those that suffer from motion sickness, heart conditions, seizures or epilepsy. Although it may be tempting to stand up and try to touch our attractive models on the runway, please don’t. It’s important to note that these models are merely pixels in a 360° screen and are not real life. Just to ensure that everyone gets to keep their eyes to enjoy the show, we ask that you please sit down and keep your hands to yourself during the experience. And just to cross our ts and dot our i’s, we ask that you save the champagne or recreational drugs until after the show. Anyone under the influence will be asked to come back another day. Thanks for understanding!

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